This is just a little thing I wrote for college where I had to describe freedom. I didn't realize I'd produce such a little gem.


This word is something innumerable people have fought for, lived for, and died for. The word describes something all of humanity yearns and strives for with all of its being. The word itself is not its strength, for in every language it is different, it is the emotion and soul behind it, the power and glory surrounding it. The wide pastures of green grass and infinite possibility that call to one’s soul, inspiring the desire to run aimless and free. No matter what your age or gender, language or nationality, freedom is one's’ ability to be themselves. Freedom is the right of every man, woman, and child to speak their minds and follow their wishes and dreams. Freedom is the ideal that all are equal in their right to act, to live, to exist. Freedom is bliss, serenity, euphoria, the mark of a truly utopian world. Freedom is the grand and inspiring shout of the people that they will not be ruled unfairly, that they will not be commanded willingly, and that they will not be oppressed quietly! Freedom is the statement that the people will stand as one against tyranny and fight for their “god given” rights tooth and claw!

But freedom is also a murderer. Millions, perhaps trillions have been taken by its deadly boon, its deceptive embrace. Freedom is a knife in the back, a sledgehammer of governments, a bane of monarchies, a herald of revolt, and a reaper of the gullible. Freedom has spurred countless revolutions, not always successful, and not always just and right, but nearly always at the cost of human life. Freedom has been used to twist the minds of humanity into gullible sheep, sacrificing the lives of men, women, and children on its cruel altar. Freedom has been the headsmen of so many martyrs and victims unfortunate enough to be caught on its down swing. People fall every day under the axe of freedom and few are recognized for their plight, passing as just another casualty report or death toll on FOX news for the world to gawk and shake their heads at. Freedom is anarchy, civil unrest, insanity, lawlessness. Freedom is a dangerous disease that, if left unchecked and unmanaged, will consume humanity.

However, freedom is necessary. Without life there is no death, and without death there is no life. All things have two sides, two potentials. What makes someone free? What constitutes as freedom? Who, or what, decides what freedom is and how it is properly distributed?

That is up to the people. Freedom can be a blessing or a curse, a cure or a poison. Freedom is the right and ability of people to live and govern themselves based on their religion, beliefs, and culture. There is no true representation or guide book of freedom, only people who make rules and tell others what is wrong, and what is right. Often times, when people are at their worst, they need something to believe in, some grand and beautiful vision of a better and brighter future that will liberate them from their torturous lives. Freedom can be that liberation, a quiet whisper among the less fortunate that helps them press on, grasping at what they call freedom.

Freedom is controlled by the eyes and mind of the beholder. If people believe they have freedom, then they are free. If other, “less fortunate” people see these “free” men and women, they will wish for the same and if that wish is denied these oppressed and depressed men and women will eventually call, in many different voices, methods, and minds; giving their lives, their belongings, and their very souls...

For freedom.

That is what freedom is.