This is a piece of a book I've been writing for nearly ten years now, though the book is pretty bad and I've been editing it heavily once I got off my insane high school hormones. But, I might post the book up. Who knows?

Pages torn from a journal written by a sloppy hand. The pages are so yellow and brittle with age a simple breath of wind threatens to shred them. Most is unintelligible to your eye, yet you can pick out the occasional phrase to piece things together.

“March 27th,

The voices are still speaking to me *unintelligible* thinking is dangerous, else he will come back. I must keep *unintelligible*”

Several pages consist of the rantings of a mad man, speaking of monsters in the dark, horrors that stalk him during the day, and a war raging within his own mind with some sort of being called “The Abyss.” It appears to speak to him on a daily basis and gifts him with some sort of supernatural abilities.

The last page is covered by a needlessly intricate and detailed “L.”

You dismiss the fanatical rantings and snag your datapad off your desk, flipping through several menus until you reach the title “The History of Proland and its people, a Modern take.” You begin reading.

Allegedly the Leader of Proland, Wren Zayen Carth, was some sort of immortal supernatural warrior capable of impossible feats, such as him single-handedly defeating hundreds of thousands of vampire in defense of his homeland during the fall of Proland, the beginning of the RED age. There are countless legends and tales, even a statement from the Red Industries Leader remarking upon Wren’s sacrifice and power. If he was immortal why, then, is he dead? Why was he so revered? Why is he portrayed as such a powerful being, nearly god-like in the texts of history at the time and following such time?

Due to the fact that these events supposedly occurred several thousand years ago we can conclude they are all preposterous exaggerations. There seems to be no mistaking, however, that the Leader of Proland and his people were remarkable individuals. Each Prolander endured years of training from birth before participating in military operations for most of their adolescent life. These children of war went by the title of “Initiates.” If they survived to adulthood they would gain the rank of “Guardian,” and if they performed admirably with a superior skill or mindset to their peers would then be named “Champion.”

At this point status becomes unclear in the hierarchy, giving scholars room to argue. Some say that it was an equal view between Leader Wren, his advisors, and the Champions while others insist the Champions were forced into his servitude. Regardless, Proland was a small but powerful existence in the world of Haus.

Proland was originally a monarch society, headed by a king who ruled over his subjects, but there was no blood succession. Every year an event called “The Proving” was held in which contestants would fight to the death for the right to battle the king of Proland himself and, should they win, become king. This is how Wren became Leader of Proland, though events of the duel between himself and King Zane vary with each author or recounting of the historic event. Some tell of Wren slaying King Zane within seconds, while others tell of King Zane beating Wren within an inch of his life. Regardless, they all end with Wren as the victor.

The military of Proland was far from weak, even before Wren’s reign, it had always been well-trained thanks to the rebellions and riots it quelled daily across the kingdom of Proland. It was straight-laced and just what every military was expected to be, experienced men and women in uniforms with impressive weapons in hand and shining armor encasing their body. After the death of King Zane, the army was disbanded and reformed into an organization called “The Peace Keepers” headed by Wren himself, his four advisers, and the Champions of the country, a sort of council if you will.

Individually Prolanders could probably have been considered heroes in their own right, bravery and courage practically drilled into their lives. Each of them held a specific profession within the martial arts and employed it with deadly efficiency. Many a time their allies would breath a sigh of relief when the banner of Proland flew alongside them. A good deal of the Prolanders strength came from upholding three specific pillars with unwavering discipline:

Respect your fellow man but never trust him.

To surrender is to betray yourself, your country, and your countrymen.

There is no mercy, only weakness, there is no strength, only determination.

Prolanders and their Leader were never very involved with the affairs known as politics, in fact he and his fellow Leaders often had many disputes because of this fact. Despite being the most powerful of the Leaders, aside from the baron himself whom was equal or stronger, Wren often let his actions outrun his wisdom, much to the frustration of his equals. More than once Wren lead his ever-faithful and loyal Prolanders into the heart of vampire territory to needlessly slaughter countless vampires, causing no end of political tension between vampires and humans at the time. Wren himself was very vocal on his stance toward vampires.

It is in this light that it can be said that Wren brought about his own end, what goes around comes around. Speaking of which, the fall of Proland.

Exact numbers are impossible to acquire but it is estimated that the Vampire Lords assembled an army anywhere from 600,000 to 800,000 strong to assault the capital of Proland which held only 100,000-200,000. The conflict lasted roughly two weeks, with both sides utterly annihilated. Red Industries had attempted a rescue, though it was unfortunately too little too late, though they managed to route the surviving vampire forces back to the Blasted Lands.

It is unknown how the Prolanders managed to decimate the vampire invasion force with their inferior numbers, it is assumed and loudly proclaimed by some that the Prolanders’ superior training and bravery allowed them as as long as they did and take as many of the vampire forces with them as they did. Of course, there are the legends that Leader Wren, furious at the sight of his city burning and people dying, went mad with rage and slaughtered the vampire host single-handedly which, as stated earlier, is preposterous.

The fate of the survivors of Proland is lost to time however, we can only assume they join other countries or marched to the Blasted Lands to die avenging their country and beloved Leader.

You notice a new entry to the short history.

A tomb has been discovered in recent months and, due to items found within and symbols along its walls, as well as some sort of sealed door even jackhammers can’t pierce that it may be the resting place of one of the Leaders. Only time will tell.